Overdraft Protection

1st Constitution Bank Believes in giving small businesses the tools to grow. Overdraft protection, is the product you need to save you from overdraft fees. Plus, it gives you extra funds when you need them.
For information on how to apply
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Two ways to get more from your business checking account

Write yourself a loan:

Once your overdraft account is established, you can write your own loan up to the approved line amount just by writing a check. That means the added convenience plus fast and easy access to extra funds as needed.

Overdraft protection:

Cash Reserve also protects you from the inconvenience and fees that result from overdrawing your checking account. If you write a check that exceeds your balance, Cash Reserve will cover it, up to the approved amount of your credit line.

Credit Limit:

  • Minimum – $5,000
  • Maximum – $25,000

Payment Schedule

  • Minimum monthly payment is based on 3% of the outstanding balance.
  • Monthly payment of interest and principal is debited from linked checking account unless paid by you sooner.

Interest Rate

The Annual percentage Rate is fixed at 13%. The daily periodic rate is 0.03562%.


We will charge you an annual membership fee in the amount of $50. This fee will be assessed only once in a 12-month period.