SEC Filings

Filing DescriptionFiling TypeFiling DateEvent DateOptions
10-K for December 31, 201510-K 3/22/201612/31/2015
10-Q for September 30, 201510-Q 11/16/20159/30/2015
10-Q for June 30, 201510-Q 8/12/20156/30/2015
10-Q for March 31, 201510-Q 5/13/20153/31/2015
10-K for December 201410-K 3/25/201512/31/2014
10-Q for September 201410-Q 11/13/20149/30/2014
10-Q for June 201410-Q 8/14/20146/30/2014
10-Q for March 201410-Q 5/15/20143/31/2014
10-K for December 201310-K 3/31/201412/31/2013
10-Q for September 201310-Q 11/15/20139/30/2013
10-Q for June 201310-Q 7/31/20136/30/2013
10-Q for March 201310-Q 5/30/20143/31/2013
Press Releases

1st Constitution Bancorp Announces Stock Repurchase Program

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1st Constitution Bancorp Announces Full Year and Fourth Quarter 2015

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